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Dates to celebrate what really matters

There are events worth celebrating or that ought to be remembered. Those dates which transcended surviving the passage of time and that, in many cases, are transmitted from generation to generation. They are part of each community’s formal, religious, political and historical calendar.

Portinos has been working alongside Intel for many years now, and little by little, a professional and commercial relationship which would endure over time was built, even geographically spreading across Latin America.

Seasonality became one of the fixed ongoing projects together with Intel.

Communicating has always been a key factor in the proposed work dynamic and, thanks to it, we were able to detect a communication opportunity that was not exploited yet: holidays or special dates. 

Latin America possesses a rich festivities calendar. Variety is ensured by having Father’s Day, Offspring’s (Kids) Day, Mother’s Day, and an impossible to count number of patriotic festivities, among many others. We at Portinos undertook the task to understand the meaning and emotional value of each one of them, to combine them later with the characteristic language of the region, and the global communicational lines proposed by Intel.

What we had to communicate, in many cases, was a similar concept or idea. But the relevant part of it was to keep in mind each country, language, and idiosyncratic particularities (i.e. Argentina and Mexico). This would make it possible to reach target audiences in a natural and friendly way.

Seasonality became one of the ongoing fixed projects in the last years.

Eduardo Galeano said in one of his tales as part of the Libro de los Abrazos (Book of Hugs): “RECORDAR (to remember): From Latin re-cordis, to travel through the heart again.”

Maybe part of our responsibilities is to be close to each one of those dates that, for any reason whatsoever, makes us feel part of our nation or appreciated by those who we love the most.