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The "mate" manual

If Hollywood was able bring a School of Rock to the screen, in Portinos we dare to propose a “good practices” guide about a drink that awakens passions, not only in South America, but throughout the world.

“Mate” is synonymous with friendship and sharing … this mystical significance has earned its persistence from generation to generation in many families, and many countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil. Their practices extend today to geographies as distant as the US, European, Syria and also the Far East, including China.

A healthy beverage, that creates community among people, being able to bring people together and defeat any prejudice.

It’s really hard to talk about local habits and forget to include the “Mate,” an infusion that is part of every Argentinean home. When answering the question “How is it prepared?” this can open a spectrum of possibilities with infinite results.

Luckily for all the Mate enthusiasts, the endless possibilities about its preparation hasn’t affected its tradition at all. It keeps tightening friendships and unforgettable moments. A healthy beverage that creates community among people, being able to bring them together and defeat any prejudice deserves different content production that can tell more about it.

We don’t pretend to be know-it-alls about mate, we just wanted to highlight the good practices of a ritual that takes place every morning in hundreds of homes and offices. The video series, “Mateando,” started to get our creativity going and we ended up making a second video focused on the Yerba Mate.

“Mate”, an infusion that is part of every Argentinean home

And for the third part, the “manual del mate,” we talked about the most classic ways to add even more flavor to the Mate. Mint, peperina, orange peels, burrito, boldo, cedrón, pennyroyal are just some of the options from a never-ending list.